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Benefits of Termguard Systems

Termguard Systems are purpose built reticulated, replenishable systems to provide safe, cost effective and reliable Termite Management programs. With Termguard, building owners are guaranteed a quality product offering the following benefits:

  • Industry Leading 50 Year Warranty
  • Targets termites at direct source of entry
  • Eliminates exposure and disruption to household members
  • No disruptive or invasive construction work required to retreat areas
  • Eradicates EPA concerns of potential spray drift during termiticide application
  • ABCB Certified and/or CSIRO Appraised
  • Meets Australia‚Äôs Federal and State Standards, and Termiticide manufacturers label
  • Periodically Replenishable System

Install a Termguard Reticulation System in your building today, and it will be the only long-term, affordable program you will need to safeguard your building and investment from termite damage in the future.

Detailed Benefits of the Termguard Systems

Termguard Reticulation Systems Alternative forms of Termite Management Systems (Physical, Handsprays,etc)
First to offer 50 year Warranty Causes Chemical Drift
Replenishable System Non replenishable
No exposure or disruption for household members Short term alternative
Eliminates exposure of termiticides Does not kill termites
No construction work required to retreat areas Does not repel termites
ABCB Approved / CSIRO Appraised May wash away during wet weather
Meets Australia’s Federal and State Standards Disruptive drilling & injecting to treat termite damage
Meets Termiticide manufacturer’s labels
Suitable for both pre & post construction installations
Can repel or kill termites*
Environmentally friendly
* depending on type of system and chemicals installed and used